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ice ice brijy

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conversational english for yaya [08 Apr 2009|07:08am]
i passed by Poveda and saw this tarp that says "Summer Classes Offered".

then, "Conversational English for Yaya."
then, "Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced"

and, i was like, what the fuck. that's probably the most demeaning thing ive ever seen. anong difference ng "Conversational English <period>" sa "Conversational English for Yaya".


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out of the tunnel [23 Mar 2009|06:56am]
yey! we rocked the thesis presentation. All questions answered. All bases covered. :D

next project (sana): Mount system on an Ikot Jeep. Transform Ikot jeep to tour bus without a human tour guide. When tour bus stops on a landmark (say, the Carillon), it automatically plays an audiovisual presentation about the landmark. Use during Freshie Orientation.

weee! Sana matuloy. :D
im out of the woods. ECE 198 woods, at least.
inuman na. *woot woot*

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massive head/heartache [15 Mar 2009|07:16am]
my head hurts. my heart hurts. i don't know why.they just do.

must be the stress.must be all the spinning around on my computer chair. must be all the TV i've been watching. must be Doc M dangling carrots over our head, giving us a do-this-now-or-you-wont-graduate hell of a final task. maybe im just hungry.

my head hurts and my heart hurts.
i wish it would stop.
i wish i knew the reason.
i wish for summer.

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the good morning after [27 Feb 2009|09:05pm]
sinong mabagal? *raises hand*
sinong walang nashoot? *raises hand*
sinong natulog katabi ang gold medal? *raises hand,waves it from side to side*

Crap. Sleeping with that medal was the best sleep iv'e had in years..The kind of high I feel when I think about how we got there is just... divine(for lack of a better word). The shocking, oh-crap-we're-doomed loss to CSSP. The 'near-death experience' with CS. The exhilarating win over HK. and, the cherry-on-top, we-have-redeemed-ourselves victory over CSSP in the Finals.

The pains and body aches. The feeling of just being in the game. The tumbles. The trips. The training. The team. It's not the medal, really. It's the things that you're reminded of when you look at it.

Those things are the true gold. :D

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Parameter [26 Feb 2009|07:41pm]
Bio 1. We brought ropes to mark our boundaries of our area of study.

BioBoy(to BioGirl): Para san tong lubid?
BioGirl: Pang-ano ng,ano, PARAMETER!

Parameter amp! Apparently, BioBoy's none the wiser.

BioBoy: Gamitin na natin tong lubid. Para sa PARAMETER!

I was reminded of the "Oh my God, RESERVOIR!" girl. At least she was hot, or so Presh said. Basta nga naman French,pwede na. 

Thank God for rare glitches that produce smart and beautiful people.
Like me. And, fine *rolls eyes*, you.

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Kailangan ko ng marunong mag-Python [25 Feb 2009|02:23am]
CS kaba (as in Computer Science)?
Alam mo ba ang Python (yung hindi snake,kundi yung programming language)?
Marunong ka ba mag-GUI sa Python?

oo?Talaga? Oo? Tulungan mo naman ako. T_T

Python Tip of the Day: "You can only be young once, but you can stay immature indefinitely."
I am so hating Python right now.

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disorganization, if there is such a word [22 Feb 2009|12:03am]
I'm still in my boxers and disheveled morning hair. I've been lying on the floor since morning, thanks to a newfound (not to mention, very much delayed) love for Grey's Anatomy. I only got up to eat and make kissy-kissy with estranged relatives who just got here from the States. I have much to say, but my mind's all cluttered with crap. So, i'll just breeze through everything:

1. Shet, natalo namin HK! Waw. Yung ngiti namin talaga. Para kaming nasagot ng pers lab namin. Which I wouldn't know. I get basted all ze time.

2. I love The Wreckers. Nakaka-wreck. And, Duffy! She makes bitterness sound like it's a good thing. "Leave the Pieces" and "Warwick Avenue". Note to self: Duffy+The Wreckers+a broken heart= BAD!

3. I love Grey's Anatomy, especially Izzie. She is so nice and sympathetic that i forget Katherine Heigl's a chain-smoking bitch in real life. Why did i ever wait this long to watch it?

4. I should've been watching the UAAP Volleyball Final Four games live today. But, Dad acted out. "Walang aalis." and I was like, "okay.". So, Im stuck in the house. me, myself,and Ellen Pompeo in scrubs.

5. I can't wait for Friday. Anyone who will miss Friday's Finals are sucky-ass losers. Ang hindi manood, pangit! CSSP-AIT vs. ENGG,Friday, 5pm, CHK Gym. Don't tell me I did not remind you.

6. Background timers and forever. Damn. We are twisted. And, it's twisted that we find our twistedness one of the good things in this twisted world. :)

7. Kebs. Super. Don't know. Don't care. Don't matter.

Back to Grey's Anatomy. But, first, I effin need a shower. :D

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intellectual conversations with Oya [19 Feb 2009|09:00pm]
 I'm kinda quoting from memory. So, if im inaccurate, correct me.

we were talking about an armed Revolution and how we're on different sides of the line.

Oya: it's an arms race. The better the weapons, the bigger their d*cks.
Brij: No, the lives and property lost are collateral to an earth-shattering change (for the better).

Communism and Federalism
Oya: What, you wanna strip the haves of their wealth? What about the have-nots na meron na ngayon? Gusto mo silang kunan?
Brij: No. I just want equal opportunities for everybody.
Oya: Look, everything should be based on merit.
Brij: But, the ways and means to get merit are not fair for everybody.

Brij: Look at it this way, kelangan nang ikaingin ang sistema.
Oya: What, burn it to the ground?
Brij: (Communism's) Something like that.

Brij: Feeling ko talaga, pag di nako makatiis, mamumundok ako.
Oya: Wag naman. Mas marami kang magagawa pag andito ka.
Brij: If I die in battle, don't cry for me.

haha. marami pa yan. aalahanin ko. mamaya na. may class pako e.

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I love Murakami. [18 Feb 2009|12:20am]
Star-crossed lovers. Unlucky love. Falling in love with someone at the wrong place at the wrong time.

I'm done with "South of the Border,West of the Sun". Throughout the whole book, there were conversations that i very much want to tell people in my life. I just wanna be like, "I can't explain it. Can you just read Murakami, instead?". Especially the last few pages.

Man, right.on.the.money. :D

Wild. The first book I read was "Sputnik Sweetheart", when I just got over a (what now seems so silly and superficial ) failed pursuit and got back from a 2-month retreat in Laguna. And now, this,this book which is probably THE classic story of wrong timing  and star-crossed love... I'm starting to believe he's my guardian angel. I'm a little terrified of reading the other book Oya lent me. I'm afraid the story might happen to me.

Murakami is the writer of my thoughts.
And the master puppeteer of my life. :D

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Gut feel [15 Feb 2009|01:16am]
Gut feel. That contraction of muscle you feel in your stomach that courses through your heart. That ache. The most honest feeling of all.

People go to great lengths to explain everything, think everything through, surrender to the confines of logic. People are afraid to risk. There are too many things in this world that justify that fear. Failure. Loss. Heartbreak. Death. We hold on to the conventional, the safe, the sane, because it's easier. There is comfort in conventionality, as much as there is predictability in rationality.

Gut feel. That contraction of muscle that controls us. It nags us to confess rather than keep quiet about feelings that are meant to be kept and brushed aside. It pushes our feet blindly back to the ones we love, however wrongly they have acted. It momentarily blinds us to the fears and inhibitions that keep us safe but imprisoned. The risk turns to safety. Cowardice turns to courage. The fortress of logic we so built around ourselves comes crashing down.

Suddenly, the feeling we've been avoiding becomes undeniable. We jump headfirst into the madness. Loss, death, or failure is of no importance. We fall into what it tells us to do. . The consequences do not matter. What the world thinks does not matter. No thinking, no questions. The only answer that remains is 'yes'.

In that moment, we free ourselves.
In that moment, our feelings have defied logic.
And only in that moment of trusting our lives to an involuntary muscular movement do we ever truly live and be happy.

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January in 10 Points [10 Feb 2009|08:56pm]
1. Don't ask what you don't want to know.
2. Don't act on what you don't want to feel.
3. Only St. Peter can deny Jesus three times. We can only deny something of less importance once, and convince ourselves that it's undeniable.
4. There's a thin line between overthinking and recklessness.
5. Never regret.
6. Never forget.
7. Know their worth.
8. Most of all, know your worth.
9. Take the risk. Falling flat on your face is more fulfilling than having your heart eaten by regret. A flat face, we can do something about. Lost opportunities can never be taken back.
10. Pick your poison, and stick with it.


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out of whack [05 Feb 2009|01:55am]
Today, I fell asleep in class. Not the light sleep you wake up from after a few minutes. It's the deep class-long,limb-numbing sleep. When I came to, my classmates were out of sight and my hands were unbearably painful from the stabs of a good 45 minutes' worth of electric current.

My brain is still asleep.
I must wake up.
I still have 3 more chapters to read.
I must wake up.
I still have training. And another round of study session.
I must wake up.

Out of whack. Get me back to the way I was.

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parallel lines [29 Jan 2009|11:35pm]
our lives are running on parallel lines. Like trains. Always passing, but never colliding.

They say parallel lines meet at infinity. Or get warped at the speed of light.
Do i wait for infinity for us to collide? Or do i concede to the fact that we could never ever be?

Two lanes. Two choices: hold on or let go?

Now, you have passed me by. And, we run parallel for eternity.
I find my hand still holding yours.


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The Encounter with a Victoria's Secret Perfume Bottle [26 Jan 2009|12:20am]
I was riding the jeep to school in peace. I saw her. Someone dropped her. Right there. In the corner. Newly bought. Ready for the taking. She smelled of pears, one of my favorites of all the Secrets.

I was staring at her. She was calling for me.
Bottle: Take me. I know you want to. Don't let me go. I have nobody.
Brij: (still staring) I can't. It's just not right.

And then, the staredown. Me. Bottle. An almost empty jeep.
then came my stop. I did the right thing. I let her go.

And now, I'm half-kicking myself in the rear, half-patting myself in the back.
Bad Brij: Pear Glaze yun, tanga.You've been chasing that scent for years."
Good Brij(yes, i have one):But, wouldn't that be stealing?

Why can't the right thing be the easiest?
Because because because it is as Gil Grissom says, "There is one easy solution to everything: neat, plausible and WRONG."


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Pacquiao-Hatton off? [22 Jan 2009|10:07am]
Oh,dear.Just eat my ass. What is the boxing world coming to? All they care about is money and odds and betting. Why can't they just beat each other to a bloody pulp, just for the love of the sport?

Don't ask me how excited I was of this fight until it got canceled.  I've been meaning to play Fight Night Round 3 for days (still haven't gotten to it), play Hatton and beat the crap out of Manny Pacquiao. Wahaha! Come on, dream fight, people! Can't anybody make this real? Derrr, if Oscar dela Hoya can't talk it up, then NOBODY can.

Bawal nega. Let's just wait for them to change their minds. For the sake of a crazed,dazed boxing fan like me, I hope they do.

*Shet, LSS. Come Around by Sara Bareilles. "One too many drinks tonight, and I miss you like you were mine." Umarte. Haha.*

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More from The Powerbook [19 Jan 2009|01:56am]
Somehow, this line is stuck in my head (together with "All afternoon i f*cked her". :D). "The mind is a curved space." It's from:

"It used to be that the real and the invented were parallel lines that never met. Then we discovered that space is curved, and in curved space parallel lines always meet. The mind is a curved space. What we experience, what we invent, track by track running together,then running into one, the brake lever released.Atom and dream."

Wag ako, te. Wag ngayon. Bukas nalang. My favorite punchline of the moment. :D
New week, new start.
Note to self: Behave accordingly. :D

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Where's Maria? [15 Jan 2009|07:59pm]
Australian Open starts today. Sharapova sucks. Torn shoulder, my ass. Does she not know of the plights and pains of people like me who wait 4 times a year to see her play?  Does she not care? Does she not see how my heart breaks and my life falls apart momentarily when she loses? I have this feeling that she's gonna retire sometime soon. And, when that happens, I will curl up under the sheets, suck my thumb, and go into shock.

I can't put "The Powerbook" down. haha. It's like Paolo Coelho meets Murakami. :D The profound-ness(?) of Coelho and the incoherent and adventurous plots of Murakami.. it's that kind of book.

I'm feeling better now.Crappy Wednesday is over. Went by without any drama, I think. They were really just studying math and some other else. Haha.

Intrams start tomorrow. let's play ball. :D

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... [14 Jan 2009|12:06am]
My life is a mess. I haven't been getting any sleep. Thanks to ME63,thesis,and then some.

It's like I was holding a bunch of pick-up sticks when Life suddenly kicked me in the rear and slapped my hand. Now, it's all a multi-colored mess on the floor. And, I can't seem to find the pieces that belong to me.

Sumasakit na bangs ko.
God, I need a haircut.  

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My New Year's Resolution(s) [06 Jan 2009|02:31am]
no to rants.
no to rage.
no to anger.

Fuck me.
Just fuck me.

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I love Tony Montana [05 Jan 2009|05:40am]
Anyone who has watched Scarface should love Tony Montana. Anyone who hasn't watched Scarface should watch it... and then love Tony Montana.

"You ugly. That's your crime." *locks and loads shotgun*

Don't you just wish you could do that to anyone who pisses you off?
I wish. :D

Back to school. Back to *serious* business.

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